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The Most Popular Mattress Sizes and Type, According to Study

A recent survey polled people about their mattress. The 2021 survey was conducted for the Better Sleep Council, the consumer education arm of the International Sleep Products Association.

How much do people expect to spend on a mattress?

Overall, people spend less than they are willing to pay for their mattress.

  • People paid less for a mattress than they were willing to and less than they expected a mattress to cost.
  • Nearly half of shoppers believe that mattresses are fairly priced.
  • Shoppers ages 18-35 were willing to pay $750, but those 36 and up expected to pay over $1,000 for a queen-size mattress.
  • Income influences how much shoppers are willing to pay. As income rose, over $100,000 shoppers were willing to pay more, specifically, $1,365.
  • Shoppers with a college degree were willing to pay more, and people living in the suburbs also said they’d pay more.
  • Almost half (47%) believe that mattresses are fairly priced for the value they provide. However, about 40% believe that mattresses are too expensive for the value they provide.

Shoppers are Happy with their Mattress Purchase
Three in four consumers are satisfied with their current mattress, a Better Sleep Council consumer survey reveals. The survey found that 42% of consumers reported being very satisfied with their current mattress, while 34% were somewhat satisfied.

Only 3% of consumers said they were very dissatisfied with their current mattress, with 7% saying they were somewhat dissatisfied.

Shoppers Research Mattresses Before Buying

In addition, the survey found that 80% of consumers who recently purchased a mattress felt either very or somewhat knowledgeable about shopping for a mattress.

“These significant levels of consumer satisfaction with their mattress, with the mattress shopping experience and with how knowledgeable they felt while mattress shopping indicate that the mattress industry is meeting many consumers’ needs,” said Mary Helen Rogers, ISPA vice president of communications and marketing. “But the findings also point to key areas where the industry has room for improvement, and identifying those areas is the first step in the improvement process.”

Most Popular Mattress Size to Buy

What size mattress do most people purchase? Queen size – 46% of consumers said they are sleeping on a queen mattress, compared with 26% sleeping on a king, 9% sleeping on a California king, 11% sleeping on a full-size mattress, and 7% sleeping on a twin.

What do People Put Under Their Mattress?

The survey found that 59% of consumers said they are using a flat box spring/foundation with their current mattress, with 17% saying they are using a stationary base that is not a box spring/foundation and 16% saying they are using an adjustable foundation.

68%) purchased a foundation or base at the same time as they bought their mattress. Forty-two percent of consumers said they purchased a flat box spring along with their mattress, while 13% purchased an adjustable foundation, another 13% purchased a stationary non-box spring base, and 12% said they put their mattress on an existing foundation.

Spring or Foam Mattress?

What type of mattress do people have? 35% of consumers said they are sleeping on a spring mattress, while 21% are sleeping on a foam mattress without springs or coils, 16% are sleeping on a hybrid mattress made with both springs and foam, 4% are sleeping on an adjustable air chamber mattress, 2% are sleeping on a waterbed and 4% are sleeping on a sofa sleeper.

The survey asked consumers about the types of foams in their mattress. Forty-five percent said memory foam (viscoelastic foam), 18% said gel foam, 15% said latex foam, and 32% said they didn’t know.

How Many Buy a Mattress Online?

“The study found that one in two consumers purchased a mattress within the past four years, including 6% who purchased since the Covid-19 pandemic hit.”

“Most consumers said they purchased their most recent mattress for themselves, and the mattress was purchased at a store (70%), while 26% said it was purchased online.”

Most people buy one mattress at a time. In the past 10 years, here’s how many mattresses people bought: About four in 10 consumers (41%) said one, with 27% saying two and 14% saying three or more. Fourteen percent of consumers said they have not purchased a mattress in the past decade. I think it’s time for them to buy a new mattress.

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