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Best Cooling Pillow – Amazing for Hot Sleepers

A too-warm sleep environment can ruin a perfectly good night’s rest. A pillow can’t stop hot flashes or cool a super warm climate, the right pillow can help cool your head. We’ve found a cooler pillow, and it’s not memory foam. While special gel or special cooling fabric may temporarily cool down your pillow, during the night, your body heat takes over, and you’ll be searching for the cool side of the pillow again.

The Purple Harmony pillow has more loft and also sleeps cool.

Cooler Pillow

Do you wake up to a sweaty pillowcase every night because of night sweats, or do you sleep hot? Time to look for a cooler pillow to turn down the temperature, so you stop looking for the cool side of the pillow. The truth is, the first issue you need to solve is the material your pillow is made out of.

If you’re sleeping on a memory foam pillow, it will sleep hot. Even with fancy fabrics or gel.

Best Overall Cooling Pillow

The Purple Pillow

The Purple PillowThe Purple Pillow

1 year warranty
100 night sleep trial


The Purple Grid is both soft and supportive at the same time. It gently cradles the head and neck with no pressure support. To prevent overheating, there are hundreds of open-air channels so that you can sleep comfortably cool all night long. While most pillows go flat in time, Purple is highly durable and keeps its shape. Uses the same material featured in their mattress and the Purple seat cushion. Boosters make the height adjustable. Unlike foam, which absorbs heat, a temperature-neutral gel grid allows passive airflow. It’s a cooler pillow. Testers say it stays cool throughout the night, so you don’t have to wake up to readjust constantly. Soft like memory foam, but your head doesn’t sink in as much. Unlike other pillows that claimed to be cooling, this is. Hygienic because there’s no foam to absorb liquid or sweat. The drawback is its heftier weight. Fill: Hyper-Elastic Polymer Purple Grid Care: Remove inside from the cover and wash in warm water with gentle soap, then let air dry. The cover is machine washable. Sizes: One size. 24″ x 16″ x 3″ Promising review: The product is amazing, I used to have trouble going to sleep or waking up in the middle of the night, but that all changed with this pillow it is almost magic or something. The pillow has amazing support and stays cool all the time. 10/10 recommend.

The Purple pillow has no memory foam. You don’t sink into it, yet the pillow isn’t hard. It stays cool throughout the night, which makes it, so you aren’t waking up constantly to readjust. The only reason I have it 4 stars instead of 5, is because the pillow feels like it weighs 40 pounds, and you cannot put your arm under it if you are sleeping on your side.

Compare Purple pillows if you want to read more. At just 3 inches tall, the Purple pillow is a low-profile pillow.

Purple mattress also sells the Purple Harmony Pillow, made of latex with a grid hexagon pattern on the thick stretchy cover. Inside is latex. It’s loftier and comes in various heights to fit small framed people up to linebackers!

Unlike a heavier pillow that won’t move, the Harmony Pillow can be folded, hugged, and is lighter weight.

Temperature: I’ll say this pillow does a great job of staying cool. It stays cool all night; no need to try to find the cooler part of the pillow. It’s evenly cool throughout. “I’ve used all sorts of cooling pillows, and none of them come close to staying cool for a full night’s sleep; super impressive. That’s not to say it’s a cold pillow; it’s not, just cool.”

No pillow stays cool unless there’s a fan on it. Even if it had ice on it, the ice would eventually melt. However, the Purple Pillow has more airflow, so your body heat doesn’t build up on it.

“After using purple for a month this pillow is irreplaceable. You will sleep like the dead and stay cool to boot. Should have purchased a LONG time ago. I really am getting quality sleep with zero neck stiffness and minimal tossing and turning.”

If you want to see if it’s for you,

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