Bed in a Box Mattress News and Trends: Adjustable Pillows

We all know about adjustable beds – but what about adjustable pillows? Bed in a box mattress companies and even traditional mattress/furniture retailers are introducing adjustable pillows.

Helix is the newest company to market an adjustable pillow. They offer both a regular and a cooling version made of memory foam and down alternative. The cooling version (Helix Cool) has a high-end ultra cool knit polyethylene fabric. This material has a higher heat transfer, which means it is a lot cooler than typical fabrics – that’s why it’s cold to the touch. The Helix pillow has 2 support layers which can be kept inside or removed to adjust the height and feel.

What is an Adjustable Pillow?

We’ve seen smart pillows and cooling pillows (hot on the market) but we noticed a lot of adjustable pillows at the Las Vegas market.

Adjustable pillows are pillows that can be changed to fit your preference in a number of different configurations.

  • The loft or height of the pillow. You can make a higher or flatter pillow by adding or taking out some of the material (such as shredded memory foam) inside. The pillows unzip and sometimes have a mattress protector as part of the system.
  • The use of a pillow insert to change the feel and/or height of the mattress.

Pillow Price Point

Many of these pillows are within the $80-100 price range and come with a warranty.

Coop Home Goods

Common Features of Boxed Pillows

When it comes to boxed bedding products, the bonus here is that they usually come with a trial period, just like mattress. Pillows are even more personal than mattresses because you usually don’t share one with anyone. Your face is directly on your pillow. People can be very picky about the feel and other features of their pillow.

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Here are common features of a pillow from a boxed retailer:

  • Sleep trial of 100 days or more
  • Warranty of 1-3 years, sometimes more
  • Free shipping
  • Often don’t have financing option unless you purchase a mattress too, but do offer Paypal as payment option
  • Comes rolled in a box

For example Purple pillow has a 100 day trial which means you have 100 days to test it out and can return the pillow for a full refund if it doesn’t work for you.

So does the Eden pillow from Coop Home Goods – get 15% off a pillow bundle. Their pillow sounds amazing with all of the adjustable pillow benefits plus you can literally throw it in the wash. The Eden pillow actually has a 5 year warranty!

Best Adjustable Pillows

Our favorites are

  • Brooklyn Bedding shredded memory foam pillow. This won’t get lumpy over time like some shredded memory foam pillows because it has a straight edge cut and fabric to keep the foam together. MyPillow has clumped up under use for us. Watch for our review and comparison of a typical bamboo pillow like MyPillow and Brooklyn Bedding. After many months and tests, this is one of our favorite pillows. It features a thick cover and unzips to add or remove foam.

Best Pillow Ever

  • Layla Sleep pillow with copper (hypoallergenic). This unique pillow also uses Kapok fill, which is made from the fibers in the seed pods of Kapok trees. Kapok is natural and free from pesticides and other nasty chemicals. It draws a lot of attention from our customers. Everyone seems to be interested in it! Note: the Layla pillow is not adjustable.Layla pillow Shop Layla Pillow

Look out for our Layla pillow review coming soon!

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