Two Reasons You’ll Love the SleepOvation Pillow

Sleep Ovation Pillow Thickness

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We’ve been testing a Sleep Ovation pillow. Beyond the uniqueness of having springs and being scored and quite flat, why would you buy one? Who is this pillow for? Check out our full Sleep Ovation pillow review here (includes video). In this article, we’re going over the benefits most cited by Sleep Ovation pillow buyers that matches our own experience.

The Sleep Ovation pillow comes in one size and is $90. We were provided product and may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

Specially designed fabric sleep cools (we found this to be true), sweat resistant cover that’s removable and washable. This pillow did not sleep hot. There’s no memory foam in it, only foam and springs.

Sleep Ovation Pillow

Where to Buy the Pillow

Why Buy a Sleep Ovation Pillow – Top 2 Reasons

Reason #1: You have neck pain and need relief or to be careful not to aggravate it.

This pillow was studied and tested to find the height it needed to be throughout to best support your neck. If you have neck problems a pillow can make it worse. This isn’t a pillow that looks great on the bed, it’s more of a therapeutic pillow. Pillows that are too thick don’t hold your neck in a neutral supported position.

The size and design of this pillow was based on the data from sleep testers and it was tested specifically for pain relief.

Thickness: most people think a pillow needs to be much thicker than you actually need. With other pillows you need to plump and adjust the pillow fill to get the right amount of support (fill) in different parts of the pillow to fit your head, face, and neck. A problem with this is that if you change your sleeping position during the night, your pillow no longer conforms to your features and has to be “re-plumped”.

Plumping and moving your head during the night: The SleepOvation pillow, doesn’t have to be “plumped”. Instead, it adjusts to your sleep positions. It’s thickness is the exact thickness (4+ inches) for the optimal neck and head alignment.

Reason #2: You’re a side or stomach sleeper and need a flatter pillow so it doesn’t fluff up and block or obstruct airflow through your mouth or nose.

When you put your head on that soft fluffy pillow it sinks down where your head is but the rest of the pillow puffs up. When you move your head it does it in a different spot. The pillow can block part of your nose or mouth, making it harder to breath. If you have sleep apnea or already struggle with breathing (stuffy nose, etc) this can make it worse.

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Personal Experience with a Child and Senior

My 8 year old daughter is very enthusiastic about these benefits. My 82 year old father-in-law cited these as the biggest benefits of the pillow too. He loves it.

My daughter hears a lot about mattresses and bedding because we review so many mattresses and related products at our house. She switched to the Sleep Ovation pillow because otherwise, as a side sleeper like me, she moves her head to the side of the pillow so she can breath easier. With Sleep Ovation she doesn’t need to sleep on the edge of the pillow anymore.

This isn’t a cheap pillow, but it’s on par with other bed in a box brands. Our experience with boxed brand pillows overall has been excellent (unless you’re getting a cheaper version of the brand’s regular offering free when you buy a mattress).